Immersive Consultation

Not sure if your idea is achievable within a budget? We have a team of immersive education experts who can explain complicated technologies in plain language, estimate the project scope and give you technical advice. 

VR Lab

We can help consider all your needs e.g., audience, costs, and come up with the best solution for a VR Lab e.g., choose of equipment, arrange of space,  The right planning will save your resources in the first place. 

VR App

Every project has restrictions, e.g., budget, we can help you estimate the technology difficulty level and the project scope to get things started in control. Our Immersive Prototype services can even help you with a initial product. 

VR/AR Project

If you have a project idea that needs to integrate VR/AR into it, we are here to help you understand things on the technical level and come up with possible solutions. 

I have this idea of using augmented reality technology for an artwork, but I have no idea how to do it. Thanks to David, he explains clearly what I can do and how to do it, without any coding. You're a life saver!
Aaron Fox

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