Got a great immersive education idea? We help you achieve it

Immersive technologies are changing the nature of education

If you are from a non-technical background and looking for a way to dive into immersive education field, you’re in the right place. Get your idea out, catch this dramatically rising trend, you can be the next billionaire! You never know until you try. Ready?  

Here is how we can help


Come up with a great idea? We got your back for technical things. One-to-one consult with one of our VR/AR education product expert to estimate the technology feasibility and your project scope.


You don't need a completed product to pitch to the world. We have a team of VR/AR developpers that can help you quickly prototype your idea. Iterate faster and win faster.


Ready to pitch to your potential customers? Hire what you need to avoid heavy investment before your concept is proved by the market. Our affordable VR/AR rental service help you get things done faster and lighter.

Working Process

Below is an example working process. Different project has different processes. 

  1. Get in touch to let us know your needs. Not all the projects are suitable for our capacity, we do select. We will get back to you within 3 business days
  2. An VR/AR education product expert will schedule a 30 mins free consultation time with you through skype to assess and estimate the project scope
  3. If we decide to accept your project, we will communicate by email to confirm your expectation, followed by a project agreement. 
  4. Sign the project agreement, usually with a deposit
  5. A project leader will be appointed to communicate regularly with you during the process
  6. Project finish and final payment 

We are a trust-based business. The more we work together, the more we know each other, the faster the project can be done e.g., with less iteration. Hence the cheaper price we can offer for our services. 

What people say?

IntoLearning team are ultimate rock stars! They are a highly professional and experienced team that is dedicated to helping their clients achieve success.
John Willmot​
Artist - client of immersive consultation
Your efforts have been invaluable – thank you for everything you've done!
David Payne
Start-up owner - client of immersive prototype
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